Fresh off the boat

This morning Harika and I hopped in the car right after breakfast.  If I am living where there is the largest fish market in Italy (Rimini), there must be fishing boats nearby. I headed North, toward Igea, and sure enough, there was an inlet lined with boats.  Most seemed to be clammers, with grilled hanging scoops,  and lots had piles of colorful  floats on their roofs.

I found one I especially liked, the Oliver.  I sat on a bollard, and set up my easel and painted away.  I actually had people stop and tell me they liked the picture, which always makes me feel like going on.


Afterward, we drove further and I found a fresh “ecological” fish store.  I bought some cannocchie — also known as mantis shrimp.  They were alive — a critical feature apparently, before cooking.  I couldn’t face putting them directly  in the frypan with oriental spices, so I threw them in boiling water first.  In fact, Graziana suggests putting them in the freezer for half an hour, or putting them in (sweet/tap) water.   The whole thing was a bit gusty for me (clearly worse for the creatures).  But the result was delcious:  they were quite sweet, and with the ginger, cumin, hot pepper, paprika and oranges, even Harika liked them.




One thought on “Fresh off the boat

  1. Laurie. I love your writing. It’s like I am traveling too! Your life is always exciting! Blair is doing good! Always cheerful! Love Nancy


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