It has taken me a million years to figure out how I should be living.   Laurie Fox Pessemier


The artistic life is a rewarding life.  We are not rich in money, but rich in experiences.   The artistic life doesn’t depend on fancy outside stimulation, but on how you, as the artist, choose to see the everyday.   When I walk my dog, Harika, and see where the boar have been routing at the side of the road I am tickled; when I go to a local  art show of portraiture, I think of how I can paint the people, or sculpt the people in my community; when oranges are on sale for 1.50 a kilo, I think of all that marmalade…  Art comes from the inside, and it is waiting there for you to set is free.

In this blog, I’ll share my life experiences.  I am not new to blogging – I’ve written “Artnotes Paris”, since 1998, when I moved to Paris permanently (well, not exactly permanently, I live in Italy now).  I have written over 1000 blog posts.

I will also provide some “how to” videos on painting and other subjects.   And, if you get an inkling to own part of my artistic life, there will be an Etsy shop.

So, stay tuned, take a look from time to time to see how the artistic life is going….

Laurie Fox Pessemier and Blair Pessemier are Americans living in Rocca Malatina, Italy.   They paint, sculpt, write, cook and entertain new and old friends.