Artnotes: Alive

​Trees Panaro Spring   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  23.5 x 15.5″  60 x 40″ My Dad, “Foxie”, passed away this week.  I had just been there to see him alive, and talked to him only 24 hours before he left us.  It’s a remarkable thing, after 63 years together, he isn’t there anymore.  He was the first person that loved me; he was a witness to all I did, good … Continue reading Artnotes: Alive

Artnotes: Where you Grew Up

“If Italy could get its tourism act together, it would be the most visited country in the world,”  a friend expounded over drinks on Friday night.  We all have the best tourist experiences here.  We were recounting to him our visit to Tarquinia, which externally had all the romance of visiting a series of cow sheds, but the Etruscan tombs beneath the ground were extraordinary. We drove to … Continue reading Artnotes: Where you Grew Up

Artnotes: Just Dandy

When we first bought our home in Stimigliano, Italy, we were told the apartment upstairs was unoccupied.  We later found out that in fact, in the 70 square meters (700 sf) above us, a family raised 7 children in the 1950s and 60s.  Now that the parents are passed, nobody knows what to do with the place.  For the last six months, someone has come by about every … Continue reading Artnotes: Just Dandy

Artnotes: Hopping Around

We made the jump from Rocca Malatina to Stimigliano again;  friends from America are visiting Rome, and we’ll take them on a tour of the Sabina region in the coming week. We will see olive trees and hill towns; churches and the Tiber.  It is as green as Ireland in Italy this spring.  It rains regularly.  It puts a crimp in our outdoor painting, but the paper pictures are … Continue reading Artnotes: Hopping Around

A Fertile Mind

Easter: the sexy holiday.  Birds, bees, rabbits, eggs et cetera.  It was the pagan fertility feast:  rebirth, resurrection.  I really like this time of year, when people would kiss passionately on benches in Paris, beneath the chestnuts in blossom.  Here in Italy, we celebrate over food, often served in a restaurant – C and M are going to the Cantacucco (the singing cuckoo).  T says … Continue reading A Fertile Mind

Lucky Girl

​Harika is dog-tired.  She’s spent this entire day in bed, even when we went out to paint.  She’s been spending all her time with the painting workshop, and now that they’ve gone back to Connecticut, she’s flat out.  She went to Rome (it took 2 hours to get there on account of an overturned propane-tank truck); then two painting days in Civita Castellana; on Thursday, … Continue reading Lucky Girl

Painting in Italy

​ The Street at Farfa   Blair Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  12 x 24″  30 x 60 cm  250.00 The priest raised his finger to his lips to indicate “hush.”  Then he proceeded to bless the room, us and our paintings.   We were painting in Farfa, Italy, an abbey-town about 30 minutes from our house, and from Rome.  There were six of us, our first week-long painting workshop of 2018. We were … Continue reading Painting in Italy

Drip Drip Drip

“Water is life,” a cabbie in Paris once told us.  Since then, I try to see the beauty of rain, and snow, and assorted precipitation.  In Rocca Malatina this weekend, the snow, still nearly a foot deep, is melting and giving life to Springtime.    Rivers are running down the sides of the streets; plastic pipes, spilling gushers, make me think of miracle springs; gutters and … Continue reading Drip Drip Drip