Happy Easter!

We had just gone to bed last night (early!) when I heard a woman chanting outside our window.  This was Good Friday, and the parish of Stimigliano was parading the dead Jesus statue around the town.  I had seen the statue, an alarming polychromed slightly-larger-than-lifesize affair, on a black platform, with handles,  in the church earlier in the day.  A statue of the crying Marie … Continue reading Happy Easter!

The Project

HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!  Here’s your midweek pick-me-up, and mine.I just had to send this out, because we finally got it all together!  And everyone that worked on it is dying to see the result.  Isn’t it fabulous? Thank you Jill Remski, Wendy Goosman, Christine Claes, Tim Fulbright, Cory Ross, Marianne Royale, Laura Jarvis, Lisa McCabe, Outside Authority, Suzanne Dvorak, Jennifer Jolis, Penni Cocking, The Cuozzis, Gary Bocz, … Continue reading The Project


The results of our “mosaic” painting have been rolling in, and we have more than ¾ of the squares, which will be assembled this week, in hand.   For those too busy to get it in by the 1 April, please let us know, and we, or some wonderful volunteer, will paint another square.  Things are looking fabulous. We drove down to Rome this week, with … Continue reading Local

Artnotes: In the Car

We have a new car, yet unnamed, which I think of as horribly bourgeois, and maybe I will call it the Villa Borghese (bourgeois house).  Maybe I am the bourgeois one, ingrate with such a lovely car.  I have some decoupage ideas to take the curse off the white bottom half (I hate white).    We took the Villa Borghese on its first major ride … Continue reading Artnotes: In the Car

Happy Spring!

“it takes generosity to discover the whole through others.   If you realize you are only a violin,  you can open yourself up to the world by playing your role in the concert.”    -Jacques Yves Cousteau I always think it is funny that people believe they were Vincent Van Gogh in a former life, or St. Francis of Assisi.  In fact I was probably … Continue reading Happy Spring!

Artnotes: Sifting Through

I am sure the twenty-one people who signed up to paint a 12 x 12” square for the putting it all together project are wondering where their picture is.  Well, I am still trying to figure out how to cut up the image on the computer.  When I did this, all I had to do was the math and take out a pair of scissors … Continue reading Artnotes: Sifting Through

Artnotes: Putting it All Together

 ​ “Evolving, our brains are evolving”.  That’s why we’re here: to see how far this experiment called life can go. Consciousness is the vehicle that allows us to evolve (or devolve, heaven forbid).   This I read in a blog by Olivier Bessaignet.  He stated it more eloquently, and he likewise references Thomas Campbell in this line of thought.Three friends from Paris died this week: … Continue reading Artnotes: Putting it All Together