Artnotes: Painting by the Sea

Phew!  What a week it’s been!  We drove a whopping 16 hours from Roccamalatina, Itay to Concorneau, France, stopping for the night just steps from the geographical center of France.   Harika has been a trooper, to indulge her family’s penchant for seeing friends (and the sea). We have not been to France for more than two years – I am amazed how well I … Continue reading Artnotes: Painting by the Sea

Artnotes: Summer Reruns

​ ​Back when there were only 3 or 4 TV channels, summer viewing was made up of “reruns”.  It was most troubling for those shows with a plot twist, because you already knew who dunnit. But some programs were really good to watch a second time.  That said, I hope you’ll like my summer reruns of old pictures. ​We drove, in the hottest temperatures ever, … Continue reading Artnotes: Summer Reruns

Artnotes: Bowling with Shorty

Hey, Shorty, how’s it going?  We’re having a whopping thunderstorm – and when I was small, my mom, Shorty, used to tell me “the angels are bowling”.  We all spent a fair amount of time at the bowling alley, so I can testify that the sound of the ball and the scattering of the bowling pins is the spitting image of thunder.  Lightening?  That’s a strike, … Continue reading Artnotes: Bowling with Shorty

Artnotes: Surrounded by People

We celebrated two birthdays this week:  our friend Paul, here and Rocca Malatina and my sister Nancy in Connecticut.  We had Spaghetti alla Scoglia at the Gigolo restaurant, across the street.  There was another, much larger, teen-age birthday party at the next table(s), so we camped onto to their singing and sparkly cake.  I see life as one big fabric: yours, mine, ours. Earlier in … Continue reading Artnotes: Surrounded by People

Artnotes: READY

“You are not the ‘Great Creator’ of your songs, you are simply their servant, and the songs (think paintings) will come to you when you have adequately prepared yourself to receive them. They are not inside you, unable to get out; rather, they are outside of you, unable to get in. Songs, in my experience, are attracted to an open, playful and motivated mind… You … Continue reading Artnotes: READY

Artnotes: Out of Africa

We went to an art show on Monday:  Ex-Africa, in Bologna.  It was empty as one might expect on Monday at 10AM, and we took our time examining work from Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast…  It’s difficult to imagine a continent as large as Africa in a few rooms, but the show was beautifully curated, and comfortable to see. Once I ditched the audio guide, I was completely … Continue reading Artnotes: Out of Africa

What a Difference YOU Make

One of my best friends died this week.  I didn’t see him as often in recent years, but his example and our devotion never faltered.  He was the man who launched our artwork career, along with his partner and wife.  In 1999, we sent our first paintings to his showroom in High Point, North Carolina, where we started selling to interior designers. The rest is … Continue reading What a Difference YOU Make

Artnotes: Pack Your Bathing Suit

For the first time in twenty years, we are not going to the USA for the summer.  I get a twitch in my throat every time I think of Hemlock Lodge without us:  no dinners on the glassed-in porch; no bird mobile; no art show on the porch; no swimming in Highland Lake.  Hemlock Lodge was like deluxe camping, and as long as my father … Continue reading Artnotes: Pack Your Bathing Suit

Reading in Roma

We spent six of the last eight days in Rome:  first, to celebrate Easter with friends from North Carolina; then, for the Show of the 100 Painters, on via Margutta…  We had Easter Sunday Brunch and walked around the Campo di Fiore – Rome is such a feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach.   I am amazed to be walking on ancient … Continue reading Reading in Roma