Today we were invited into the Stimigliano communal kitchen.  It is a marvelous red enamel affair with several ovens, with glass windows; rather tall wood covered tables, and refrigerators.  It smelled divine as the ladies of the town were baking cookies.  They are wonderful, aproned ladies who you wish would hug you.    Did I mention these were wood fired ovens?  It was unworldly; iconic … Continue reading Iconic

Artnotes: Old Habits Die Hard

One of the best features of this time of year is seeing the sun rise.  This morning in Rocca Malatina, we were on the last round of our walk with Harika when the sun peaked above the hill.  It was immediately obscured by trees, coyly hiding its brilliant face.  But as I moved along, averting my eyes, it rose in all its glory:  yellow, pink, … Continue reading Artnotes: Old Habits Die Hard

Artnotes: Next

Our Thanksgiving this year was a day of gratitude and thanks.  We thanked many people who made our lives what they are this year.    And I thank you, all my Artnotes friends, for your support, emotional and financial, throughout 2018.   With Mario, the person who thankfully eased our way into theStimigliano scene, we made a trip to Amelia. Amelia is a typical Italian hill town, in … Continue reading Artnotes: Next

Artnotes: A Spoon of Stuffing

Preparing Wednesday’s lunch (pasta with radicchio, walnuts and oranges), I heard the most unusual sound outside of our window.  It was the shepherd, playing his “pipes”.  He was all bundled up, as shepherds often are, ready to recline in the field with his flock, his floppy black felt hat sporting a red ribbon.  He was playing house to house; “aspetta! (wait)” I told him, as … Continue reading Artnotes: A Spoon of Stuffing

Artnotes: Acknowledgement

At St Peter’s  Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas 16 x 24″  40 x 50cm  400.00 On Monday, we mailed a package from the Vatican Post Office in Rome.  I got out of the car this time, and was distressed to see the marvelous piazza of St Peters chock full of chairs and barriers.  It is one of those incredible spaces that depends on its pavement to be … Continue reading Artnotes: Acknowledgement

Artnotes: Cacio e Pepe

We extinguished the furnace in Rocca Malatina and moved our winter headquarters to Stimigliano. We brought our more tropical plants, yucca, begonia, jade, that we can leave outdoors at least for the time being. On Friday, we drove to Rome where we were actually able to leave off a ballot at the US Embassy.  We continued on to via Margutta, where we are going to … Continue reading Artnotes: Cacio e Pepe

Artnotes: The Dog and Pony Show

  Landscape near Villa Bianca  Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas panel 13 x 16″  33 x 41cm Red Vines   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas   8 x 20″  20 x 50cm Across the Panaro   Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  15 x 12″  38 x 30cm Golden Shadows  Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  14 x 10.5″    35 x 25cm Panaro winding through Fall  Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  10.5 x 14″  25 x … Continue reading Artnotes: The Dog and Pony Show

Artnotes: Mosquito

Painting on the way to Vignola (Marano) Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  10.5 x 18″  27 x 45cm   400.00 This week we drove to Codigoro, a seaside locale in the province of Ferrara, Italy.  There is a one-star Michelin restaurant there that our guest wanted to take us to.  Our days of eating at star restaurants on our own disappeared with the 2008 financial crisis, so this … Continue reading Artnotes: Mosquito