Artnotes: What we might find

After a hundred false starts for this week’s artnotes, I have decided to tell you about our Saturday adventures.  Originally, we’d planned to go into Rome with our neighbor, but he feared rain.  As former Seattlites, rain doesn’t bother us*, so we decided to drive up to Italy’s oldest flea market, in Arezzo. *Actually, rain makes me pretty crabby, but it’s honestly better if I … Continue reading Artnotes: What we might find

Artnotes: I never thought of it that way

  The Flock  Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  13 x 18″    33 x 40cm  250.00 ​The dog looks like a large golden retriever, but in fact, he is a maremmano.  And he is fiercely guarding his sheep at the side of the road.  One of the most remarkable things about living here, north of Rome, is the presence of sheep and their shepherds.  Sheep are moved … Continue reading Artnotes: I never thought of it that way

Artnotes: Thankful

Ponte “Felice” over the Tiber ​  Blair Pessemier On Monday, we had two feet of snow in Rocca Malatina.  We waited just two days too long to leave.  It snowed without stopping into Tuesday morning, when Blair went out to excavate.  The driveway was still fairly driveable, although to go over the snow might be ill-advised.  The real problem was where the snowplow pushed the … Continue reading Artnotes: Thankful

Artnotes: All Around

  I have been busy as a bird dog with an American guest here these past seven days.  I forget how easy it is to speak English, and my lungs feel weak from chatter.   I haven’t written a single word all week, and find myself at Saturday with no artnotes to pick from. Fortunately, I’ve visited a passel of cities for inspiration:  Vignola, Modena, Bologna, … Continue reading Artnotes: All Around

Artnotes: The State of Food

  On Wednesday we painted a picture of our friends’ goats.  Five of them:  Willow, Freckle, Geraldine, Myrtle and ? (maybe it’s better I don’t name them).   I am a Capricorn, myself, and relate to the passive yet strong character. At least three were expecting kids, and were a trifle misshapen on this account.  I love the sideways pupils in their golden eyes, the beards, their horns: and they … Continue reading Artnotes: The State of Food

Artnotes: Thrilling

Things get easier for me as I get older.  I am not totally without stress, but I have somehow managed to get through without panic these days.   I used to think a certain day or certain event would take place that would trigger my demise, or at least a downward slide.  In fact, things go much slower than that. And a downward slide is often … Continue reading Artnotes: Thrilling

Artnotes: Home is where you make it

​Home is where you make it (Chicken roosting in pot)Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/newspaper 16 x 23″  41 x 59cm  95.00 Here’s a short artnotes from a busy week.  A screw went loose on me (literally, in my bionic shoulder) so the week started on shaky ground.  We visited the Grotto Labante with a guest from Chicago, and dined out more than once.  The big news … Continue reading Artnotes: Home is where you make it

Artnotes: Big and Small

Zocca  Blair Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  8 x 20″  20 x50cm 200.00 My paintings and my brain are all over the place this week.  We’ve been manning our own gallery in Zocca for the Chestnut Festival, driving back and forth some 5 miles or so on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  The days of the week without the festival have been better for us:  competing with the stuffed … Continue reading Artnotes: Big and Small

Artnotes: Grateful in Italian

  Every morning I try to think of three things to be grateful for.  This is to counteract the frustration and impatience and anger that can consume me.  Does it work?  No.  In fact, I think things just build up and then I have a worse fit.  By Friday this week, I could recall every dirty Italian swear word that my friend Sal’s grandmother used.  … Continue reading Artnotes: Grateful in Italian

Artnotes: The Meaning of Life

On Tuesday we went to a show in Rovigo, of Secessionist Art:  Gustav Klimt and other artists from the turn of the last century in the Austria/Germany/Italy area.  It was a period when the French were Impressionists, but the Eastern part of Europe went more “graphic”.   Think light and dark; positive and negative.   There were fabulous prints and woodcuts; paintings, of course; and furniture and … Continue reading Artnotes: The Meaning of Life