Artnotes: Big and Small

Zocca  Blair Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  8 x 20″  20 x50cm 200.00 My paintings and my brain are all over the place this week.  We’ve been manning our own gallery in Zocca for the Chestnut Festival, driving back and forth some 5 miles or so on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  The days of the week without the festival have been better for us:  competing with the stuffed … Continue reading Artnotes: Big and Small

Artnotes: Grateful in Italian

  Every morning I try to think of three things to be grateful for.  This is to counteract the frustration and impatience and anger that can consume me.  Does it work?  No.  In fact, I think things just build up and then I have a worse fit.  By Friday this week, I could recall every dirty Italian swear word that my friend Sal’s grandmother used.  … Continue reading Artnotes: Grateful in Italian

Artnotes: The Meaning of Life

On Tuesday we went to a show in Rovigo, of Secessionist Art:  Gustav Klimt and other artists from the turn of the last century in the Austria/Germany/Italy area.  It was a period when the French were Impressionists, but the Eastern part of Europe went more “graphic”.   Think light and dark; positive and negative.   There were fabulous prints and woodcuts; paintings, of course; and furniture and … Continue reading Artnotes: The Meaning of Life

Artnotes: A Perfect Day

​At Porto Garabaldi looking North   Blair Pessemier Acrylic/canvas  18 x 12″  45 x 30cm Today was the perfect day.  We decided yesterday to make bacon and eggs for breakfast today.  We did, with square toast (loaf bread) and coffee.  It was good, for a change, from our sweet pastry and macchiato at the cafe.  Their coffee is way better, though. We followed up our … Continue reading Artnotes: A Perfect Day

The Filosofia of Flies

​ If you were ever in doubt of the sophistication of Italy, consider this: there is a Philosophy Festival in Modena every year.  And, this year the theme is “Arti”, I like to think it is to coincide with our show in the very same town at the very same time.   The Festival Filosofia also touches outlying towns including Carpi and Sassuolo, but Modena is … Continue reading The Filosofia of Flies

Artnotes: A Lively Stepper

Today (the day I wrote this) is Labor Day in America.  The day everyone takes it easy and has a picnic, signifying the end of the summer before going back to work.   All Western cultures seem to have this day, this moment, when we all get back to business.  The French say Bon Rentree and try to preserve their tan as long as possible.  The … Continue reading Artnotes: A Lively Stepper

Artnotes: Fun on the Agenda

​​Waterlilies in the Sun   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  12 x 12″  30 x 30cm  175.00 Every morning my father asks, “what’s on the agenda today?”  I admit it annoys me a little, like, why need there be anything on my agenda?  What if the day just unfolded?  What’s on his agenda? He’s 90; not much happening, and I realize it’s my job to make … Continue reading Artnotes: Fun on the Agenda

Artnotes: Slow and Easy

  I am busier on my “vacation” than I am in everyday life.  We’ve come to the USA to visit my Dad and celebrate his 90th birthday; sell paintings and see friends. I am slightly overwhelmed on this trip – I am talking all the time, in English.  In Italy, Blair and I go days without much conversation, so this American chitchat about the weather … Continue reading Artnotes: Slow and Easy

Artnotes: For Better or For Worse

Our trip to Connecticut began on Monday, with a crowded train ride to Milan.  I am not sure I want to repeat that performance.  Luckily, we stayed at a very fun hotel at the airport in Milan, awaiting our Tuesday flight.  The Moxy Hotel was chock full of cheery folks, and Harika made friends, while hotel staff made us two complimentary Cosmopolitans.  The lobby had … Continue reading Artnotes: For Better or For Worse