Artnotes: Hopping Around

We made the jump from Rocca Malatina to Stimigliano again;  friends from America are visiting Rome, and we’ll take them on a tour of the Sabina region in the coming week. We will see olive trees and hill towns; churches and the Tiber.  It is as green as Ireland in Italy this spring.  It rains regularly.  It puts a crimp in our outdoor painting, but the paper pictures are … Continue reading Artnotes: Hopping Around

Maybe I’ll Bake a Cake

Tiber in Winter  Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  16 x 24″  40 x 50cm ​Horse in Borghese Gardens  Blair Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  16 x 20″  40 x 50cm We drove into the city of Rome today, for the second time this week.  We went on Wednesday, just for fun – we need our city fix from time to time and there is no better place.  Seriously, Blair and I … Continue reading Maybe I’ll Bake a Cake

Artnotes: The State of Food

  On Wednesday we painted a picture of our friends’ goats.  Five of them:  Willow, Freckle, Geraldine, Myrtle and ? (maybe it’s better I don’t name them).   I am a Capricorn, myself, and relate to the passive yet strong character. At least three were expecting kids, and were a trifle misshapen on this account.  I love the sideways pupils in their golden eyes, the beards, their horns: and they … Continue reading Artnotes: The State of Food

Artnotes: Fun on the Agenda

​​Waterlilies in the Sun   Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas  12 x 12″  30 x 30cm  175.00 Every morning my father asks, “what’s on the agenda today?”  I admit it annoys me a little, like, why need there be anything on my agenda?  What if the day just unfolded?  What’s on his agenda? He’s 90; not much happening, and I realize it’s my job to make … Continue reading Artnotes: Fun on the Agenda

Artnotes: Slow and Easy

  I am busier on my “vacation” than I am in everyday life.  We’ve come to the USA to visit my Dad and celebrate his 90th birthday; sell paintings and see friends. I am slightly overwhelmed on this trip – I am talking all the time, in English.  In Italy, Blair and I go days without much conversation, so this American chitchat about the weather … Continue reading Artnotes: Slow and Easy