Artnotes:  A Handful of Daffodils

  Sunlight in the Door  Laurie Fox Pessemier  Acrylic/canvas 8 x 12″   20 x 30cm   175.00 It is so bright out I was forced to paint indoors this morning.  I love the look of the sun bursting into the dark interior.  Harika (my dog) and I are holding down the fort here, while Blair is in the USA.  He comes back on Monday … Continue reading Artnotes:  A Handful of Daffodils

Rimini: the first 24 hours

Blair is away in America, so Harika and I decided to camp out, holiday studio style, in Rimini.    Our street leads directly to the beach, which is, mercifully, EMPTY right now. I just took Harika for walk.  We both ran in the shallow water.  I pointed out the two terns, still in winter plumage, that looked like statues.  She cautiously changed her point of … Continue reading Rimini: the first 24 hours

Artnotes: Pipistrello

  2 sculptures, about 4 inches square each, in Terra Cotta The days are much longer here in Rocca Malatina than they were before we left on 8 January. The house was positively frigid upon our return – the furnace had some sort of problem and shut off.  Despite being here for three days, the interior temperature has still not reached 68 (20C).  I move … Continue reading Artnotes: Pipistrello

Artnotes: Ah, City

On the way home from Cefalu, we stopped in the little fishing town of Bagheria.  It is actually a part of Palermo, about 7 kilometers from the city center.   We stopped to see a museum/gallery, a kind of villa “squat” of a contemporary artist. I have had an aversion recently to museums, and at last minute we didn’t go into this one.   I am trying … Continue reading Artnotes: Ah, City

By the sea

Our friend S is not going to come visit us while we are here. It’s a big disappointment, but life goes on.  It is hard to pull things together to go, and one can’t count on weather.  It’s why I keep moving – I try not to get my roots tangled up in what’s under my feet. Today we drove to Cefalu, to see our last … Continue reading By the sea

Artnotes: Along the Way

Salon Laurie Fox Pessemier   Acrylic/canvas  8 x 20″  20 x 50cm  175.00 I am shivering:  rabbrividendo, or tremante,  in Italian (let me look that up).  I believe the dentist used the rabbrividendo word as I sat in the chair, freezing, yesterday.  He wanted me to hold the cotton between my jaws as the filling hardened up, and my teeth were chattering. It’s been a … Continue reading Artnotes: Along the Way